"Family Owned for over 50 years"

Duncanville TV is a full-service electronic repair business located in Duncanville, Texas and is under contract to provide authorized warranty service for selected manufacturers.

Duncanville TV aims to offer high quality electronics repair services with a focus on convenience and rapid service.

  • Who we are?

    In addition to business clients, Duncanville TV is open to the general public for repairs of consumer electronics either with or without warranty service. The residential community in Duncanville and surrounding areas has a large established population and serves as a strong customer base for Duncanville TV. Owner Teresa, has 48 years of experience in the consumer electronics business and her reputation for excellence is well established.  She is a highly respected businesswoman in her region and has a staff of component level technicians.

  • Our Mission

    Duncanville TV aims to offer high quality electronics repair services with a focus on convenience and rapid service.  Additionally, Duncanville TV is savvy with current technology and is efficient in troubleshooting and diagnosis of dysfunctional equipment.  Finally, Duncanville TV maintains strong relationships with the regional and national vendors, who are capable of shipping major parts rapidly, which may even include an overnight timeline in some cases.


    Duncanville TV is about building a strong professional relationship with all our customers that is grounded in honesty, fairness and integrity of service.

  • Results

    Duncanville TV succeeds by offering its customers high quality and convenient electronics repair service.  Each satisfied customer is a potential for referrals, so the quality of workmanship is key to the business.


    The solid establishment of Duncanville TV is its people.  Location and marketing get new customers in the door, but keeps them with quality service and customer relations.  Teresa knows this from working 48 years in or associated with the electronics repair business, as well as her positions in management and customer service.  Since 2009, she has taken sole proprietorship of the company and with her long history and experience in this highly competitive field, is striving to maintain the quality of repair and service.


    Duncanville TV is still a neighborhood business that stays in tune with the community, while offering expanded service in the metroplex area  and beyond.